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Monthly Archives: March, 2022

What is KPI in Marketing? With 5 KPI’S to Track

  There is a need to understand what is KPI in marketing, KPI in social media marketing and  KPI in digital marketing. Before we can answer the question of what is a KPI in marketing? with 5 KPIs to track....

What is The Email Marketing? Terms and Roles

  EMAIL MARKETING- DEFINITION What is email marketing? terms and role explain how email marketing serves as a marketing channel that uses email to promote your products. It can help to inform your customers of your latest products or offers. This...

How to do Digital Marketing in 2022 Update

  How to do digital marketing in 2022 gives us an inquiry into marketing, how to do digital marketing through social media, email marketing  and online marketing.   How to do digital marketing covers the strategies and tools employed. in the process...

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