How to do Acceptance Email For Job Offer

How to do an acceptance email for a job offer or send an email for accepting a job offer is a topic that covers how an employee process the acceptance of a job offer by sending an email. Hence there i need to write an email for accepting a job offer.

When you apply for a job, invited for an interview and you are successful in the interview. The standard professional practice is to send an official acceptance email to you. 

Thereafter you get an email congratulating you to accept a job offer. To reciprocate with a professional start in showing gratitude.

How to do an acceptance email for a job offer with the sample, will be the focus of this article. But we need to understand some basic points. Before we go deep into how to do an acceptance email for job offers,

what is acceptance email

This is an official email sent by the hiring manager or recruiter of an organization. Requesting you to accept the terms of a job offered to you.

The email is a letter that contains the position offer, and the proposed date you are to resume. The basic salary, remunerations and the terms of employment.

This is the acceptance email you send in response to your intending employer that you will take up the job.

There is always a contact person in the human capital or human resources to that you can relate with. This is the person that will guide you on how to respond to the acceptance email, and what you should include.

Most times they advised you to attach your credentials to the acceptance email. This is very important as this will file to your profile with the organization.

Accepting job offer email

Before you accept the job offer, you may need to ask for some time to go through the job offer. It is not compulsory that you will accept the offer immediately.

Even if the offer is what you are likely to take up. This will give you the opportunity to go through the terms of the job offer.

Also, you will be able to know if the terms of the job offer meet your expectation. This includes salary and other conditions of work that the employer is offering you.

Writing and sending emails is the fastest way of communicating without incurring costs. Communicating back to the hiring manager via email will be an easy thing to do at any time.

After you must go through the terms of the job offer. How do you accept a job offer as you are now faced with the decision of whether to accept the job offer or not?

There may be reasons for not accepting the job offer through email. Hence the applicant can turn down the job offer email because of the following reasons.

Reason for turning down acceptance email for job offer


1. When the salary is below the industry rate.

You need to check the prevailing market rate. Before you accept any job offer from any future employer.

You have to that the salary commensurate with the role and position they are offering you.

Hence you have to research the salary scale. To know the rate that is obtainable in the industry.

The salary scale e of your peers in the industry is what you should consider first. In the course of negotiation, there is an asking price and offering price.

It is very important to do your calculation very well and look at the salary range before you accept a job offer.

If the salary expectation is below the market rate. There is every tendency to turn down the offer

2. Unfavourable working benefit.

When accepting a job offer you have to consider the benefit you enjoy as a staff. This includes health and insurance schemes, bonuses and retirement benefits. The Gym benefits and other benefits are unquantifiable.

If the family health plan is flexibly coupled with other holiday packages for the family.

These are the incentives that boost the morale of every employee. If at the point of giving the acceptance offer, all these are not there. The staff will rather seek for better opportunity rather than take such an offer

3. Flexibility

This is where the company cultures affect their staff. Some organizations are rigid in their condition of work. The condition of work stated in the acceptance email may not be encouraging. The way they work is designed may not be too flexible the advantage of their staff.

If the working condition is not flexible, the applicant will not be willing to take the offer.

Also before you respond to an acceptance email you have to consider the time given in doing the work

The hour or time spent is also another factor for turning down an acceptance email. Does this actually worth the paycheck

4. The company vision and goal.

This is one important factor that professionals look into before accepting a job offer. The company’s vision and goal and follow up over the years is very crucial. to career development.

This will reflect in their balance sheet over the years. This will enable you to study the financial growth of the company. If the company is making a loss or not.

Is there an opportunity to grow in this new job? Or rather grow with the company with the passage of time.

And will you be able to develop new skills and responsibilities? That will create an opportunity to move to another company in the future..

5. Having an alternative offer

When you have an alternative offer that is better than what you get from the first accepted offer.

Looking at the salary package couple with, flexibility and career growth. There is a possibility that you will accept the offer from the other company with a juicy offer.

6. Company image and reputation.

A company with a good image will definitely sell a staff a good brand. The image of the company in the industry where they operate will boost the staff image as well.

The reputation they built over the years will help in the course of marketing and branding.

7.Who your boss is in the industry

If the boss one employed to work with is bad, you may have to give it a second thought. Whether to resume the appointment or wait for a better offer.\

Staff will consider accepting a job offer after a careful review of the email. And putting this personal factor into consideration before responding to the acceptance email.

That is the boss they are to work with. Although, you won’t be able to figure out everything about what it will be like to work with your new manager. But you can get to know much about him before you commit. yourself.

But an intending staff will respond to the job offer acceptance email. Without considering any of the factors stated above as impediments.

The applicant will accept the job offer by writing an acceptance email. And sent it to the hiring manager or supervisor.

How to accept a job offer email

How to accept job offer email is a way of accepting a job offer via email. This is the email written and send back to the hiring manager..

This includes the deadline given for accepting the offer. To write a professional acceptance email for a job offer. You need to take your time to proofread the terms of employment..

It is also an opportunity to express your gratitude for the offered position. And the enthusiasm that you are taking up a new role.

After receiving the offer how do you write an email? But it is important to follow the instruction when responding to acceptance emails.

Following the verbal, you’ll receive an email with the formal written offer, which will include more details about the job, as well as information on compensation and benefits. You can then respond to the written offer with your own email when you’re ready.

If you’d like to take some time to consider the offer, write back something like this:

Dear [Recipient Name],

Thank you for sharing the details of the offer for the Product Manager position.

I hate to delay my formal response to the job offer, but I am carefully considering the terms and would need a few days before responding. Could I get back to you on the offer by the 18th?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]


When writing an acceptance email for a job offer. The following steps is taken

1. Make the email very brief

2. Write a good subject line

3. Address the mail to the appropriate person

4 The terms of employment.

5. Thank the sender (addressee) of the mail

6. Sign the email


Accepting job offer email sample

1. Make the email very brief

You have to make your email very brief when responding to an acceptance letter for a job offer. Your employer doesn’t have the time to start reading a long letter or email.

Hence your message has to be on point and let your text be precise to the subject line. You also need to Proofread and edit. This will enable you to avoid sending an email that is full of errors. Thereby creating a wrong impression about your professional image.

Spellings and grammar errors in letters or emails can put away people. Particularly when reading important official mails.

You can time to go through the mail couple of times. To ensure there will not be oversight of typographical errors and grammar mistakes.

2. Write a subject line

This is a well-written subject line in response to the acceptance of email The email. depict the message you are passing.

In writing your acceptance email you should write a constructive subject line. Writing clear subject line.

You don’t need to change the subject line if you are writing an acceptance email. Using this template ensures it is as clear as possible for the recipient to understand.

3. Address the email to the appropriate person

This is a professional approach to sending an official email. By drafting the letter directly to the person who sent you the offer letter. Since your acceptance letter is via email, you can respond to the email with your acceptance.

But if it is a written letter or verbal offer letter. you should address your mail to the undersigned person. Who could be the supervisor or the hiring manager of the company?

4. Agree to the terms of the agreement

This should be a brief response following the stated terms. There is no point beating about the bush. You can say you have agreed to the terms stated in the job offer.

If you disagree with any clause in the term of employment. You can state it in your acceptance email for it to be

discussed before your resumption.Also if you need to negotiate with your employer to discuss those specific items. Beside you can ask for more time in the resumption date. Before you submit you send l acceptance email.

5. Thank the sender(Addressee) of the mail

This is a way of showing your profound gratitude when writing acceptance mail. You can thank the addressee for the new job opportunity and explain how excited you are.

You should consider the acceptance letter as a way to express your appreciation. As this is a direct message to the hiring manager, coming from an upcoming employee.

You can learn more about how to write thank you email for accepting a job offer

6. Sign the email

This is a professional thing to do after you must have completed writing the acceptance mail. Putting your short signature at the bottom of your mail shows your professionalism in you.

Also, you can end your message with “Best regards” and put your signature and name. Please read more here about how to write  a job acceptance email 


 Acceptance of an Offer letter

 Dear Mr/Ms

I’d want to express my gratitude for the position of Title that was offered to me. It brings me great joy to be able to work for ‘Company’s name.’ Please receive my formal acceptance letter in the form of this email.

I appreciate the opportunity given to me to work for your company. It is such a lifelong ambition of mine. Being a dedicated employee,

I promised to give my all to any assignment assigned to me. Although I am certain of my pay, which is the amount per year.

 I have reservations about the other advantages, such as insurance and medical care. I’d like to seek information about them from now on.

The rest of your company’s terms and policies are acceptable to me. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

I have before mailed all the required documentation. that no paperwork is pending from my end. Please let me know if any documents are missing.

Please contact me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Sincerely, Signature



Acceptance of an Offer letter

Dear Mr/Ms

 I will like to appreciate you for considering me for the position of (Title) in the (Company’s name.)


 I am pleased to accept your offer and am looking forward to starting work with your firm on Date.


 As stated, my annual pay will be my salary. And from the second month forward, health and insurance benefits were paid to me and my family.


Please let me know if you need any necessary paperwork. so that I can get right to work.


 I’d like to express my gratitude once more for presenting me with this fantastic chance.


Yours Sincerely



It’s a good practice to write a follow-up letter or email to formally accept the position after orally accepting the offer. 

Accepting a job offer in person or in writing is strongly recommended. If you receive a copy of an offer letter, double-check that it includes the most recent agreed terms of employment.

Tell your main point of contact (typically the person who interviewed you or made the offer) that you’ve accepted their offer and that you’ll be receiving written confirmation soon (generally by email).

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