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How to Make Money on Tumblr in 2024?

Tumblr is a social media platform where you can use several means to make money. This write-up explains how to make money on Tumble, how you make money on Tumblr  or can you make money on Tumblr.

There are a plethora of social media platforms available today. where you may connect with like-minded people, exchange experiences, and promote your ideas.

Tumblr is one easy blogging platform that allows bloggers to post their content on both mini blog posts and normal blog posts. In other words, you can easily do your social media marketing through the Tumblr blog. Many bloggers have taken advantage of Tumblr blogs to promote their brands.

Moreso the platform allows bloggers to have their own custom domain that carries their brand name.That is why is seen as one of the best blogging platforms by upcoming bloggers in the social network

Some systems are used to convey text messages, while others collect visual content. As a result, finding the ideal one and connecting with others who share your interests is simple.

The use of Tumblr

Tumblr launches a tip jar feature to help bloggers make a buck

Tumblr is launching its second attempt at a monetization feature today. Rolling out in the U.S. now and soon globally, Tumblr Tips will let bloggers receive one-time payments from their supporters.

Tumblr will not take a cut from these payments, though standard credit card fees (2.9% + $0.30) will apply. Tipping is available on web, iOS and Android, but the company told TechCrunch that Tumblr will not rely on the Apple and Google internal billing systems to facilitate mobile tips, which means that creators won’t lose an extra 30% to fees.

When users tip a creator, they can write a note alongside the tip. Anonymous tips are allowed, but in that case, the tipper wouldn’t be able to leave a message. Fans can send tips of up to $100 each.


Tumblr is one of these networks that allows users to exchange short articles, photos, and other information. As as well as promote their personal websites and blogs. So, how can you take advantage of Tumblr?

Make money on Tumblr

Tumblr has evolved into a significant money-making tool from being a social site. where users share textual content, photographs, music, and videos. So, how do you profit from this?

Tumblr is a creative social media network. Where users can publish photographs, music, and videos. It’s like Twitter because the posts are short. As a result, this blogging tool was created for individuals who want to write in a concise manner.

After you have registered you can publish your own BLOG. You can add pages to your Tumblelog is like any other blog. Users can like and repost each other’s posts with a single click. When you make a new post, your blog’s followers will be notified. Users can also communicate with one another.

Making money on Tumblr can be very easy. Once your are creative in your content and ideas

Can you make a good amount of money on Tumblr?

The amount of money you make on Tumblr depends on a variety of factors, including The number of people who follow you on social media,

what percentage of your posts are active and engaging, The number of affiliate links you have on your sites and

Finally, if you can maximize your account to boost sales. In fact, if you use the appropriate technique, you can make a lot of money on Tumblr.

“It’s a win-win: creatives can make a little money from their work, while supporters can tip posts they love in fun, playful ways,” Tumblr wrote on its 

It added that the feature is being rolled out after “much popular demand.”

Like tip jars on other social media sites, Tumblr’s tip jar allows users to drop creators a buck or two—up to $100 per tip—in appreciation of their work. What sets Tumblr’s feature a bit apart is that creator’s don’t simply have an overall tip jar link in their account bios or on a designated landing page; instead, users have to submit tips on specific posts.

Users who choose not to tip anonymously can leave a note with their tip. Anonymous tippers can’t leave notes. All tips are displayed publicly, so users can see who else gave cash kudos to particular posts.

 Tumblr has opted not to take a cut from payments, but creators will have to shoulder credit card fees, meaning there’ll be a 2.9% + $0.30 charge taken off tips.

Tumblr told the outlet that it is allowing users to tip from desktop, iOS, and Android, but will not be processing tips through Apple and Google’s payment systems, so creators won’t also have to contend with the App Store and Play Store’s 30% transaction fees.



On Tumblr, you are only permitted to friend up to 300 individuals each day; you cannot go beyond this number. In order to increase your Tumblr following, be careful not to follow people too aggressively.

There are two restrictions on the number of blogs you can follow on Tumblr: On Tumblr, you are only allowed to follow 200 more blogs every day. The maximum number of blogs you can follow on Tumblr is 5,000. You would need to unsubscribe from certain blogs after following 5,000 blogs in order to start following new blogs.

These restrictions solely apply to blogs that you follow. The amount of people who can follow your blog on Tumblr is unrestricted. In other words, there is no limit to how many people can follow your blog. These restrictions only apply to the number of blogs you can follow overall and daily.


You’ll need a large number of followers for your Tumblr blog if you want to make money. Continue reading to learn how to obtain more Tumblr followers. If you want to gain followers on Tumblr after registration, you must be very active.

Following that, you’ll choose the type of information you want on your blog. The tone in which you’ll write it, and the frequency with which you’ll post. You should also follow people or brands that are already doing what you want to achieve.

However, these are the most successful strategies for boosting the number of your Tumblr blog followers. See if they work by giving them a try!

Focus on your  Niche 

As a blogger focusing on your niche in Tumblr blog is very important. Posting information that appeals to your audience should be your first goal. You can determine what content they prefer by looking at what they interact with the most.

If all of your followers are interested in the same subject, focus on that to get the best results. This will assist you in gaining more Tumblr followers. And also increase your social networking.

Create a brand name 

Make a name for yourself on Tumblr by building a brand around your posts. This will encourage visitors to return and check out more of your content because they’ll feel more connected to it.

Write unique content 

Then, concentrate on publishing high-calibre content to your Tumblr blog. Based on what other authors are posting, it is simple to write generic, dull blog entries. You should publish unique, high-quality material if you want to stand out from the competition.

Post frequently 

Next, be sure to maintain a regular posting schedule. Your fans will return more frequently to read it if they can see when you’re going to post. This can involve planning postings for the upcoming days or posting at the same time every day. In either case, it establishes continuity with your fans, encouraging them to return.

Include Useful Hashtags

Aside from the users they already follow, hashtags are the major method users on the network find posts. You can attract more users to your page who might be interested in your material by utilizing pertinent hashtags. Hashtags can be included at the end of your post or in the description. To get the most attention, they should be connected to the blog’s content and to current events.

The other proven strategies that you can also work on are 

1. By using other social media networks to share your  blog post on Tumblr blog

2. The use of a call to action on your post

3. Updating your infographics post

4. Posting on a timely basis

Please read on to learn more about how to get more followers on Tumblr

How do you make money on Tumblr?

These are the following means you can make money on Tumblr


Tumblr advertising is a terrific method to generate money. Actually, you might use your blog to promote firms’ items by running advertisements.

You are compensated whenever a user visits your page and clicks on the ad. This is why having a high number of followers is critical to increasing the likelihood of clicks. You should once again leave comments on other people’s blogs to draw attention to your own.

You can run adverts on your site to promote the products of other companies. Google AdSense and Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads are two well-known networks.

In order to monetize your content, you can apply for Adsense. There are other networks like Infolinks. Ezoic or other options. Choose your preferred service, create an account, and get started.

You have no way of knowing how many people will click on your ads. As a result, it’s critical to boost engagement and steer visitors.

To achieve this, leave comments on other people’s Tumblr blogs to draw attention to your own. To boost traffic, you may also use Tumblr’s plugins.

Adding affiliate links to your blog can help you earn money. You get a commission when a person clicks on the links.

You can monetize through affiliate links. That is if your Tumblr account is already product-based such as a blog where you review beauty items.

You can also join the Amazon Associates Program and add Amazon links to your profile.

You will receive money from Amazon if people click on the link. Affiliate connections aren’t limited to Amazon. ShareASale and other well-known affiliate networks are also available.

Become a Tumblr Affiliate

There is a plethora of different affiliate programs offered in the domains of  Software, home décor, real estate, travel, web hosting, and so on. But, it’s critical to select those that are relevant to your content. To save your account and allow it to expand without hassle, don’t publish too many links. Your account may be suspended if you abuse affiliate links.

You have the option of joining services that help you make money by hosting adverts, rather than going through the hassle of convincing others to pay you to promote on your blog.


Google Adsense- You can monetize your blog post on Tumblr. Through ad networks like Google AdSense. Register for a Google AdSense account. The HTML code to insert into your blog will be provided. Your Tumblr blog will have a few text ads relevant to it displayed for visitors. Every time a user clicks on a Google advertisement, you get paid.

Thereby generating revenue through your Tumblr AdSense, if you have interesting content that will drive the audience to blog posts.

Amazon Affiliate-Join the Amazon associate program. With this affiliate program, you will be able to post links to different Amazon products. Every time someone clicks on a link and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a portion (the amount varies depending on the product).

Friend Finder-Join the FriendFinder affiliate program today. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be allowed to post FriendFinder advertisements on your Tumblr blog.


To generate money through Tumblr, you might write sponsored posts.

To market the products of your sponsors, you must be able to give thorough information. As regards the product you are selling to your audience.

Because links are added to photo captions. when users repost photos, the link will appear and direct them to the main page.


Tumblr is a major selling platform. If you are already selling on sites such as AMAZON, EBAY and others, you could use Tumblr to boost sales.

Take clear and amazing pictures of your products, and share them on Tumblr. With a link that directs potential customers to where they can get the products.

Cracked the @tumblr code

— P.M. Seymour 🎙 (@PatMSeymourVA) April 11, 2022



You can also make good money from selling Tumblr Themes.You’ll need to be resourceful to be able to make a profit from this. You should be able to come up with original designs that people will pay money for.

If you want to build amazing Tumblr themes, you’ll need to brush up on your technical skills. You will have no trouble making money if you have excellent technical skills as well as a creative mind.

If you want to be successful, you’ll have to work on your technical skills.


If you know “how Tumblr works,” you may offer your expertise to companies or brands. Companies looking to establish a presence on the platform.

You can also decide to devote all your time to learning about the app. Including its ins and outs as well as the platform’s well.

This knowledge isn’t going to waste. Because you can use it to assist both individuals and businesses. In navigating the system. You could use video instruction or texts to teach. Thereby  raking in some money by the side on Tumblr


If affiliate marketing or promoting your own items aren’t viable options for monetizing Tumblr..This is another means or making quick and passive money on Tumblr

You can blog about other things. You can try your hand at writing reviews if you’re a voracious reader with a keen eye for literature.

Any form of literature, including documentaries, business handbooks, textbooks, and more.

First, you can use quotes from your book to generate compelling graphics. Which you can then upload to your Tumblr site.

These quotes may be memorable, piquing your audience’s curiosity. And causing them to want to read more.


You may utilise your skills if you know your way around the platform. Including how to gain followers, enhance sales, and so on. With this you can make money on tumblr as people subscriber to your course

Reach out to those who are getting started on the platform and offer to guide them around for a fee.


Tumblr is a great platform for showcasing your artwork. You can post links to your galleries and purchase pages for your photography and art on Tumblr.

You can as well sell your design If you work as a designer, you might post a collection of your greatest pieces on Tumblr and then include a link to your services page so that potential consumers can easily make purchases.

Tumblr picks itself up again after years of struggle

Creative, chaotic and anonymous, the blogging platform has appeal for Gen Z

Is Tumblr back? The blogging platform’s heyday ended years ago but its cultural influence seems to be on the rise once again. At the start of the year, Vogue declared the return of the Tumblr girl aesthetic. A fortnight later, The New Yorker published a company profile. Most surprising of all, Tumblr says that it is popular with Generation Z. Almost half its active users are aged 25 or under. A Tumblr revival would be fitting in the midst of Y2K nostalgia. Like flip phones and low-rise denim, it evokes the early 2000s. Its relevance would be a nasty surprise to social media giants like Facebook, too. It might even make Tumblr a takeover targ

Elaine Moore


It is up to you to determine which one you want to start with or switch to. After going over a few different ways to make money on Tumblr,

But, it is preferable if the stuff you post is consistent and unique, as this will help people trust you. Your fans will stay interested if you publish many engaging posts weekly.

They know when to return to your blog because they have something to expect. You can take advantage of Tumblr’s flexibility. It’s also a breeze to operate.

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