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What is KPI in Marketing? With 5 KPI’S to Track

There is a need to understand what is KPI in marketing, KPI in social media marketing and  KPI in digital marketing. Before we can answer the question of what is a KPI in marketing? with 5 KPIs to track. And how they apply to the management of a company.

key performance indicators in marketing are crucial marketing indicators. They have an impact on every aspect of the marketing KPI of an organization.

Such as KPI in Social media, digital marketing,  sales and marketing.  Email marketing and brand awareness are a few examples.

In our growing company, we’ve learned that simplicity increases our odds of achieving what we want. When our goals were too numerous and too complex, employees’ decisions didn’t sync up within or across teams, which meant groups and individuals were tugging in various directions and failing to produce desired outcomes at scale. So we set out to identify a single key performance indicator that would unify behavior within one major customer-facing group — the unit that designs, creates, and manages our online storefront — and could also serve as a shared currency across teams, enabling us to make smarter investments in the business. But we realized that going all in on a KPI without putting some sort of check on it could have serious unintended consequences. We knew that any primary goal had to be bounded by a constraint, as in, “Maximize X without reducing Y.”



 Key Performance Indicator KPI is a way of Setting marketing goals. Tracking them with the set budgets, and monitoring the results. Adjusting spending and maximizing the sales channelled towards the performance of the project.

 it is important to determine whether the company is meeting the set goals. To know the amount invested in the project. To know whether is getting the best Return On Investment ROI.

This is where the company needs to track all the major indicators to know their ok.

 Also to set the targets results known as a key performance indicator. will help in planning better to achieve the set goals and target.

There are five major KPIs you need to take note of. This will determine your result



What is marketing KPI?

 KPI in marketing includes the key indicator to determine the marketing performance. which are the following

 Sales and growth revenue.

Although this is not the total sales revenue generated. The annual sales deducted from the total revenue generated from marketing inbounds.

It is quite important to measure the growth in sales revenue. This will definitely affect your sales growth ..

With the passage of time, this has served as a good indicator when it comes to strategic planning,

And also allows for the identification of growth trends.

Lead traffic volume

The volume of leads generated from the traffic conversion ratio is a strong indicator of

if there is a need for a change or improvement in traffic. And if it is low volume then there is a need for a chance to look at other avenues of generating good traffic. This will give you leads to achieving your goal

The cost per lead

 This is the cost incurred overtime on the customer. In getting the customers to subscribe to your product.

 This includes the overhead expenses on advertisement, sales and marketing software in investment.

What is a KPI in marketing? Every marketer and brand should know the answer to this question if they want to track their marketing efforts accurately and see the results of their campaigns.

— Business Web Admin (@WebAdminNews) April 25, 2019



 What is KPI in email marketing

 The KPI in email marketing measures the performance of your email campaign. Since you need to know the number of people that opened your email. The subscribers, bounce rate and other metrics

This is very important. since it’s one of the best ways to get quick subscribers to your digital products.

This is by using an email advert to drive traffic to your campaign to increase the number of visitors. The template will convert the traffic into sales

This is be achieved by deducting the amount spent on traffic sources. And adverts from what you gain from the sales conversion of the subscribers. To arrive at this result, you have to take note of the following.

Open rate

This is the number of people that opens the mail sent out. This will state if they like your product or not. If the rate is low, then you will need to review it and work on other areas of your content. Like the subject line if it is not catchy enough or not getting the audience’s attention.

The Customers click-through rate (CTR)

This is the number of recipients that actually took their time to click through your mail in their box. And give attention to your message by visiting your website. This is through your call to action to increase your clicks in the body of your content

Unsubscribe rate

There is a need to take into cognizance how emails are been sent to the audience. Before you get their attention so that It will not result in spam messages.

 This will also determine the number of times the same message gets to your reader.


KPI in social media marketing is used in business to measure performance. of a business. And used to track their data statistics on social media platforms.

How to set KPI for social media

This is an important indicator for your social media marketing. Hence it is important to state your company’s goal from the start

 While creating them in social media.So that your advert will meet the goal of your target audience.   But, even if your KPIs are SMART, remember that setting them isn’t a one-and-done process.

 You could even construct separate KPIs for each social media campaign. Each social media channel allows you to create. specialized and data-driven social media reports for all your social media operations.

 To check and analyse your KPI social media marketing, you need to take note of the following

1. State the goal of the KPI

2. Name the type of KPI to determine the social media to use

3. Do a careful analysis of your performance

4. Further review your KPI performance


One of the core functions of marketing is to create awareness of your brand among the consumers.

This will enable you to gain the attention of the consumers. From unplanned impulse buyers to constant buyers. So that you will focus more on that known brand.

This can be an advertising campaign or consumer promotion. This to register the interest of the product in consumers’ hearts.


The cost of customer acquisition is the cost incurred when marketing a customer.

Hence the PKI here states that the cost of customer acquisition is the total sales. The marketing cost incurred in winning over new prospects or customers. which include adverts, marketing software and cost of finance.


It is a quantifiable measure used in KPI. This you may use to assess the performance and marketing operations of your company KPI. And prove that their efforts are having a beneficial impact. 

The importance of the customer experience has become a boardroom conversation for the majority of B2B-focused businesses as consumer expectations are not occuring in B2B settings. According to research conducted by Marketing Charts, nearly seven in 10 business buyers say they expect vendors to deliver Amazon-like buying experiences, while 67% say they’ve switched suppliers for a more consumer-like experience. Elements of this “consumer-like experience” include seamless digital integrations, consistent brand design across the customer journey, and digital communication channels across devices.



You don’t want to make a mistake at this point, but don’t worry; it’s actually quite simple to assess aspects that will affect your organization’s targets..

Since conversions are more vital than ever in today’s competitive environment. Conversions should, in general, be particular (i.e., easy to define and assess) and quite helpful. You’ll set targets and goals for each type of conversion.

So it’s critical to keep each conversion event focused on the company’s added value. KPIs is always linked to conversions. Since conversions are more vital than ever in today’s competitive environment. Conversions should, in general, be particular (i.e. You’ll set targets and goals for each type of conversion

The cost of customer acquisition is the cost incurred when marketing a customer.How to do digital marketing in 2022 will give you more insight into this


 This is the lifetime value of a customer. Used in measuring customers’ ROI over time. By considering how much revenue a business can expect over time from a customer

This KPI determines what is your customer worth to your business. And what is the impact over the lifetime of your relationship?


The volume of traffic that will generate leads is very important. This will determine the growth in sales. whether it’s through social media organic traffic, direct or referral.

 If the volume of traffic is high with a high conversion rate there will be an increase in sales. But if the volume of traffic is low the sales will definitely drop


The KPI in customer satisfaction is very important. This will determine if the customer is willing to come back.

Hence becoming regular patronage of the product or rather stop patronizing the product. When a customer falls in love with a particular product. He will definitely create more awareness about the product.

Thereby making the company get more referrals. And with the passage of time, the company can actually get a customer base that makes sales to be consistent.


The key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantitative statistic that demonstrates progress. toward a business goal and objectives. The measurements through which you measure business key activities, objectives, and goals

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